Speak Jamaican – Learn Jamaican Language, Slang, and Culture

Speak Jamaican - Learn Jamaican Language, Slang, and CultureShop Now Even if you’ve never been to Jamaica, now you can learn its language, music, and culture from the comfort of your own home with our easy-to-use guide.

Do you want to know what reggae singers, Jamaican locals… and maybe even members of your own family are saying?

Do you find yourself struggling to follow Jamaican Patois? Do you want to become more familiar with… and even integrated into… the language and the culture?

Or do you just want to have fun with friends by dropping a few sayings here and there that everyone absolutely loves?

…so make sure to read through this letter carefully (since it’s probably your best shot at learning Patois—short of traveling to Jamaica!)

You know they’re speaking Patois, that rich and beautiful dialect that is the heart of Jamaican culture…

Fortunately, I’ve created the most comprehensive guide on Earth for learning how to speak and understand Patois.

And who doesn’t want to experience the spiritual depth and mystery embodied by those most famous Jamaicans, the Rastas?

“Just wanted to write and say “thank you”. At first I was skeptical because as a Jamaican, a lot of people just… Read more…

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