Marjorie Searcy’s Middle Voice Method – MVM

Marjorie Searcy's Middle Voice Method - MVMShop Now Here is an overview of the audio lessons; lessons that students of this method pay $100/hour or more to learn. You will grow as a singer like never before. Take a look at the thumbnail sketches of these great lessons.

The first lesson gives simple and valuable instruction on the breathing technique singers need to utilize. Often called belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing, great breath support and control is essential to creating a powerful controlled singing voice.

Learn what your vocal registers are, how to connect your breaks and create a beautiful consistent tone through out all of your range. This lesson focuses on blending the registers and lengthening the vocal range.

Lesson 4 introduces the great range expanders – the lip roll and the tongue trill. These are awesome exercises for singing higher and lower than you ever have before.

Marjorie’s story of finally finding the connection between the head voice and chest voice registers. This lesson includes examples of head, chest and middle voice on the same note.

This is a simple straightforward approach to finding and taming the vibrato. Learning to control vibrato and use straight tone can really help a singer communicate a song effectively… Read more…

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